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Text: Matthew 21:21-22; 2Corinthians 5:7
Receive warm Christian greetings. It is our hope and prayers that you are all keeping safe and getting blessed and having doors opening in your life amidst the challenging times in which we are living in. We keep you in prayers that God will continue opening doors of blessings in your families and close down those doors that need be closed in order to shape us up in our walk with Him.

Today we invite you to reflect from the texts above as we handle the topic on ‘Importance of Walking by Faith’. We can move mountains with our faith. Even when situations seem dire and bleak, as is today, it is our faith that would carry us through. There’s little to no explanation for it in the physical realm; it’s the metaphysical fibre that binds us all, carrying each of our deepest wishes and desires. That’s where faith lives.

Unfortunately, some people don’t believe in things that they cannot see. They explain things away due to other causes and effects, failing to find the small miracles in life that exist and work in our favor on a constant basis. There’s an enormous level of importance attributable to having faith in life.
I summarize our topic today by lifting 5 reasons why having faith is so important in life.

a) The focused power of faith breeds abundance. Faith is the tool that helps replenish abundance in the heart and the spirit, not just in the mind. When we train our minds to think in abundance, and we hold unwavering faith, we gravitate towards that. We attract good things because we believe and expect in good things to come.
b) Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. There’s a powerful story in the bible called the Book of Job. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Times might be bad and you might want to throw in that proverbial towel. But never lose faith. For a person without faith is likened to a stream without water — they would cease to exist.

c) Faith helps you to discover your purpose in life. Going through life and all of its ups and downs can take a toll on us. At times, it’s enough to question our very existence. But through all of the trials and tribulations we might face, it’s faith that gives us that helping hand. It works to guide us in the right direction, moving us towards and allowing us to discover our purpose in life. Everything in life is far easier to get through when we have faith. It’s the guiding light that helps push us towards our purpose.

d) Faith trumps over stress, anxiety, and fear. It’s easy to allow stress, anxiety, and fear to run our lives. We go from moment to moment worried about one thing or another. Sometimes, those worries manifest themselves into highly-stressful situations, causing not only mental anguish, but physical problems as well. Believe and expect that good things will happen, and they will. This isn’t about ignoring your problems; this is about knowing that your situation will improve deep down inside your heart and your soul.

e) Faith acts as the pathway to finding solutions.Faith is the pathway to finding solutions in life. Keep in mind that human beings were made to thrive, and not just survive. If you’re only surviving, there’s far greater in store for you. There’s a pathway to all of your solutions, and that pathway is steeped in faith and the expectation of greater things to come in time. If you really want something in life, faith is the thing that helps you to see that through. It’s at the core of a persistent heart. Never give up on your hopes and your dreams just because you faced some initial setbacks. Lean on your faith as often as possible and you’ll soon come to realize why having unwavering faith is so important in life. May God stir up our faith in God this very difficult times of our lives. Amen!
REF: JOHN 20.24-31

We welcome you our beloved brothers and sisters in our todays service. We miss you but pray that God may keep all of you safe and sound until when we will be able to meet physically again. Our todays topic is overcoming doubts using the story of Thomas.

Text: Mark 11:22-25, Psalm 40
This month, our theme revolves around prayer, which we believe is the master key that opens all doors. We hope that every member will be encouraged to remain at the place of prayer.

Reading Exodus 35:4-5, 20-29; Luke 6: 37- 38

Greetings to you in Jesus Name. We gather today as a very special day to build the house of God. We thank God who has brought us this far.

We trust that you are well in the Lord, we are grateful to God for having brought us this far, now in our second month of the year and from the look of things thus far,2021 will definitely be a good year for all of us. Let’s keep each other in prayer.

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