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History of FAST
Over 35 years ago, a group of young, single men and women straight out of college would meet every Friday to fellowship together.

A generous Egyptian couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ramses Mikhail, allowed their home to be the venue of the weekly gathering.

 Over time, the group moved up to two meetings a week, the second hosted by Reverend Dr. Hein every Saturday. His children, David and Claire, also became part of the group.All this time, the group remained nameless, at least until Reverend Grace Imathiu came into the picture. She was the new Associate Minister at Lavington United Church, and she helped the group of youth by giving them a name. FAST was born.

What FAST stands for

F - fellowship

A - action

S - support

T – team

FAST has evolved from a group of young singles, to a dynamic gathering comprising married couples, young professionals, and even college students. Fellowship with FAST is open to anyone with an expectant heart, and a willing spirit to learn God's word.

We tackle every topic from relationships to leadership, self improvement, and most importantly, we delve into the word of God. All this over a hot cup of tea or coffee, tasty snacks, and great company.
The group meets every Thursday evening from 6.30 p.m to 8pm at the Methodist Guest House in Kileleshwa.

Faith without action is dead, and since we are alive in Christ we choose to put that faith in action! Aside from weekly fellowships, FAST strives to spread the gospel to others. This is done through missions to churches, most recently to Gatina United Church.FAST also organizes hikes, trips and other activities where members are encouraged to bring along someone new and learn the state of their faith.

Support Team
Friendship plays a critical role in FAST. Although majority of its members worship at Lavington United Church, and some have been friends for years, anyone wishing to join the group will surely receive a warm welcome.

Support of each other is evident, whether in a personal or professional capacity. There is always someone offer great advise, and if one chooses to share their issue with the whole group, a solution will surely be found.

If you're looking to join a fun, prayerful and welcoming group, then FAST is it! Join us every Thursday at the Methodist Guest House from 6.30 p.m to 8 p.m, for an in-depth look into the word of God, and a space to share your opinion.

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    Nairobi 00603
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Lavington United Church was founded in 1960 through a joint effort of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), Methodist Church of Kenya (MCK) and the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) as a community church to minister to the Lavington community. <<Read full History>>

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