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Every-day we are faced with the truth of our failures. We may even get up straight from quiet time and fall into sin. One minute we are walking with the Lord and the next minute we can sin. We might then despair, feel like God is really upset and disappointed with us and so we give up, and live like a Christian atheist, as one author put it, as though Jesus never died and rose again for our sins. And then we wait until the next quiet time or if we have to serve at church to turn back to Him.

I want to encourage you today with the fact that God wants to collide His grace and love with your failures at every moment of every day. It is a lifestyle of this “collision” that the Christian life is all about. It is that moment where we see the depth of our sin, which collides with the depth of His love and the steps we make toward Him that I want to explore today. In the Bible, this movement away from our sin and toward the Lord is called repentance. We are to look at what it meant for the Ninevites in Jonah 3.

What is repentance? Repentance is not feeling bad. It is not merely saying you are sorry. Nor is it blaming your sin on someone else. Repentance can be defined as a change of mind producing a change of behavior. You recognize sin for what it is, which results in heartfelt sorrow, which ends in a change in your life.

We are reminded again that this call to repentance is all over the Scripture. Every prophet's sermon in the Old Testament is about it. It comes out of the mouth of John the Baptist (Matt.3:2), Jesus (Matt. 4:17) and the apostles (Acts 2:38; 3:19-20). The Apostle Peter himself says that God is patient toward us, “not wishing that any should perish but that all should reach repentance” (2 Pet. 3:9). So the alternative to not repenting is to perish. The way to life is repentance. Even in Revelation, Jesus is still talking about it (Rev. 2:5; 3:19). Call to repentance is not an invitation, but a summons, a command from Almighty God Himself. A refusal to repent is not declining an invitation, but it is defying God.

What do you need to repent from today? Remember that the Christian life is not the Christian life without repentance. What would the Lord see in your life today and say, yes, that thing. I need it out! Is repentance your lifestyle? Are you a repenting Christian? Are you a repentant Christian. God wants to collide His grace and love with our sin every moment. Have you been excusing your sin? Have you been minimizing it? Is there real repentance in our lives? God wants us to experience the freedom of living a lifestyle of repentance. He will turn to us when we turn away from our sin and to Him. Let's turn to Him now as we are confronted with His Word.

Jonah went and preached in Nineveh, and the response was remarkable! People were cut to the heart and they repented. Livestock fasted, the entire Nation of humans fasted. They had a real change of heart. There is nothing more powerful than the heart. It is no wonder that God is interested in changing our hearts. God responded to the Nineveh repentance movement by pouring out His mercies and grace. He forgave them and relented.... he changed His mind! And Jonah was upset! As we preach to others, are we repentant? Are we ready for them to repent, and will we embrace them? and be happy for them.

Repentance is the key to God’s heart.

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