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Health is a holistic state of being. It refers to a sound status, a wellness and wholeness that proceeds from a diligent lifestyle.
In order for health to happen, the following factors are requisite:-
1. Balance – It is important to embrace balance as a policy.
2. Discipline – One must be a stickler to due process.
3. Right Diet – One must eat right well and enough
4. Rest - One must take time to rest.


Today, and this month in general, we interrogate the spiritual health status of our church. In Numbers 16; Moses faces a rather awkward situation that requires him to act in a decisive and godly manner. In doing so, he exposes to us the state of his spiritual health. This situation exposes, in the same vein, the spiritual health status of the children of Israel, seeing as this rebellion was led by its top leaders. Let us examine this closely.

Firstly these leaders set God aside in their interaction. They assumed that God was happy  with them and therefore could not be speaking through Moses. The first sign of lack of heath is being disconnected from God.

Secondly, they assumed that God is a democrat and therefore will conduct an election on
the basis of popularity to determine godly leadership. The second sign of poor health is
poor leadership structures that produce ungodly leaders. Thirdly, the Korah group was so spiritually blind that they crossed the point of realization and did not pull back in time to avoid a shipwreck. The third sign of ill health is when we cross the line of repentance, and put ourselves in harm's way because God then has to mate out judgment on us.


Fourthly, the Korah group was bitter and frustrated with Moses leadership, but did not have the grace to forgive, release and confront. Whenever we are hurt or are unsatisfied with godly leadership, we have recourse to forgive, release and confront the leaders respectfully, but we must not forment rebellion. The fourth sign of poor health is unwise, inappropriate, disrespectful engagement with godly leadership.


Fifthly and lastly. God gives us a mechanism to detox our relationships with one another. In Matthew 18: 15 – 17, Jesus says we must learn respectful and honorable confrontation. A precursor to this would be to forgive the offending party [Vs 21- 35]. After forgiveness,  we must lovingly confront the person. If he refuses, we must have a witness, and if he is still stubborn, we must expand the circle of witnesses. The scripture does not provide for un-confronted issues, even though it recognizes that matters can remain unresolved even after loving confrontation because of the stubbornness of one party. This precludes any gossip, so that relationships remain healthy and sound.


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