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Our world is in dire need of hope. Everywhere we turn today, hopelessness stares at us. Economies are crushing, livelihoods are threatened, lives are at risk because of terrorism, disease, war, poverty and crime. Whenever we turn on our T.V. sets, much comes to us that tells us that despair is the order of the day. What then is the way out? We must run to the only place where there is hope, that is, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There are four reasons why Jesus is the source of hope.

 Firstly, He is the way. The way is the direction to go. Many people today are looking for direction because of the
abundance of confusion, yet Jesus is the way. This produces hope.

Secondly, Jesus is the truth. The means that He can deliver us in a world where lies are king, Jesus teaches us to know the truth, live by the truth, speak the truth and the truth. This brings hope.

Thirdly, Jesus is the life. This is life defined as meaningful, fulfilling and focused. This is zoe life, life in it’s fullness. Because of this life, hopelessness is dealt with and hope is built.

Fourthly, Jesus is the light. This means that where there is darkness, Jesus brings light. Darkness stands for crookedness, craftiness, violence, rudeness, arrogance, vanity and general lewdness and immorality. Light is the complete opposite of all
these. When light checks in, darkness checks out. The more light we have, the less darkness will manifest. As Jesus lights up, and darkness recedes, hope grows in the world. The scripture says that hope does not disappoint, but it makes us strong. Hope is a strong phenomenon, taking us through difficult times. In a world where people of godly character are turning their backs on the things of God, Jesus remains the only person that is not capable of turning His back on us or changing His character.

 When values are betrayed, there is hopelessness. When values are kept, there is great hope. Jesus teaches us to keep values, to care for the poor, and become responsible leaders and citizens. Jesus is our hope.


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