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Throughout the history written in the Bible, men and women heard voices of opposition but chose to listen to the Voice of Truth. Let's look at several examples. What if Moses had listened to Pharaoh and all the grumblings of the Israelites as they traveled? What if Joshua had listened to those who said they only needed to go around Jericho six times?
What if David listened to everyone who said he was too little, too young and too weak to defeat Goliath. And what if Esther had not been brave enough to go to the King, her husband, and beg on behalf of her people? Surely the out come of each situation would have been different, but all of them, and many more, listened to t he Voice of Truth--the voice of God pouring truth in to their lives. This Voice of Truth is still alive and well today.

The popular singing group Casting Crowns sings of this Voice of Truth in a song by the title: "Out of all the voices calling out to me I will choose to listen and believe the Voice of Truth." We all here voices of opposition in our lives. Satan wants to see us fail, and he won't you to stop trying. He will use many different strategies to keep you from growing in your faith. However, there is one voice that rings louder and truer than any voice we know: God's voice found especially in His Word and in prayer.

Secondly, Jesus had to deal with these voices. Three times He was tempted by Satan (Matthew 4). The very men who Jesus invested His life into, heard the voice and made ungodly suggestions. James and John wanted to call down fire from heaven to destroy a town that did not welcome them. Jesus rebuked them. And Peter got his hair parted when he tried to explain to Jesus that the events the Lord had just outlined really could not happen.

And so I must say that we all hear those voices. The voices from bad experiences in our past. Voices from struggling business, voices against your marriage and relationships, voices concerning your health from the doctor's reports, voices concerning your lost child. All this voices would require some help to erase. Here is how:

Listen for the quiet voice. Be still. Pray. Read His Word. The Voice of Truth says, “This is for my glory.” That is a plumb-line for right actions. Is it for His glory? That is what the Voice of Truth tells you. I am choosing to listen and believe the Voice of Truth.

Paul encouraged Timothy to study to show himself a workman approved, who correctly divides the word of truth. He encourages him to avoid godless chatter for it will lead to ungodliness. In these verses, Paul is recognizing the importance of diligent search for the truth of God’s word, a faithful applying of ourselves to its truths and a steady and fierce loyalty in focus. We must not be distracted by voices in the dark, but keep close to God.

We are to not allow negative tradition to get in the way of Godly pursuit. Negative tradition nullifies the word of God, but godly tradition upholds truth.

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