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Last week we considered the aspect of love in covenant relationships. Jonathan, is the model in our consideration on the subject of covenant lifestyle.
As we proceed in the series, we have first discovered for ourselves that indeed Jonathan modeled the lifestyle of love as far as covenant relationship with David his friend is concerned.
Today, we move further to explore how loyalty defined his relationship with his friend David.
Loyalty in its basic understanding and definition involves the quality of faithfulness, trust and deep commitment to a person, institution and even to God. However, at human level, Jonathan gives us a glimpse of what it means to live a covenant demand of loyalty as far as human relationships are concerned.

The life of David and Jonathan has various lessons for us us as we consider the rare quality of loyalty at a time when human relationships are more often than not punctuated by separation, divorce, betrayal and hatred at all levels of human experiences beginning from individual partnerships, institutional relationships and even national relationships in the case of diplomatic relations between nations.

Loyalty is a demand that is necessary and basic to human and institutional relationships whose importance cannot be over emphasized. For our consideration, the David, Jonathan relationship has lessons for us to consider and ponder. Some of them are:

1. Loyalty is about taking courage to act even in unfavorable circumstances
Jonathan faced imminent and obvious danger by supporting somebody thought and seen to be a rival to the throne of his father Saul. The condition was not favorable neither convenient for Jonathan yet Jonathan displayed uncommon courage that stood in the way of his father. He risked his own life, and instances were common when he faced near death when his own father threatened to kill him. He stayed put in support of his friend.

2. Jonathan was selfless
In ordinary circumstance, Jonathan was the apparent heir to the throne. However, when he perceived that God had anointed David to the throne, he did not force his way into the throne. This required a selfless spirit and humble disposition. Friends are called upon to be loyal and express it selflessly.

3. Jonathan did not waver in his resolve to support David even at high cost.
Loyalty is costly. For Jonathan it meant forfeiting the way to the throne and going against his own father schemes by encouraging David (1 Sam 23:17)

4. Jonathan was sober in his assessment.
Loyalty does not mean that we give ignorant support.  Jonathan knew God will concerning David, yet remained respectful to his father. He did not follow the order of his father when he went against God's will. Loyalty demands wisdom.

In conclusion, God calls us exercise courage, selfless love, unwavering support even at a cost and wisdom in our relationships. God invites as to a life of covenant lifestyle and exercise of our relationships.

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