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This month we have explored the fact of CHRISTIAN FAMILY HERITAGE. Today we climax this series by reflecting on the need to BUILD LASTING RELATIONSHIPS. We wish to emphasize the fact that just like in any building project RELATIONSHIPS require and demand significant effort and investment of resources so as to determine its durability and stability.

In relation to our Year theme, we must recognize the fact that family relationships have the singular greatest impact on how far one will BREAK CAMP AND ADVANCE in their life aspirations as God intended. The offenses and blessings that we are likely to experience from the family last long. The scriptures indicate that “A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle.”-Proverbs 18.19.

For example we see the offense in family between siblings between Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob because of poor relationships that impacted their individual and generations significantly. We must therefore determine to make our homes the source of positive relationship experiences and expressions that will empower us and our loved ones to their implicit greatness in God.

It is noteworthy that In Ephesians Chapter 5 Apostle Paul explores the fact of family relationships before he climaxes on the Faith Victory in Spiritual Warfare in Ephesians 6. He clearly indicates the need for building relationships between Wives and Husbands (5:12-33), Children and Parents (6:1- 4) and relationships with House servants. Primarily our SOCIAL WELFARE (5:22-6.10) determines ones effectiveness in SPIRITUAL WARFARE (6:10-20) Offense and Disobedience to God's Word largely impact the life of every member of our families. Christian Homes therefore must be environments where the relationships are nurtured according to godly patterns with the very nature of God-LOVE.

The Psalmist affirms that the Christian home environment can be key to nurturing the lasting relationships. “Unless it is the LORD who builds the house, the builders' work is pointless. Unless it is the LORD who protects the city, the guard on duty is pointless”- Psalms 127:1 We therefore pray that through this month's series on CHRISTIAN HOME OUR HERITAGE we shall each resolve to walk in obedience to the Word of God and allow for His blessings to be realized in and through our homes.

God Richly Bless Each Of You and Your Respective Homes In Jesus Name!

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