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The family is the basic institution ordained by God to further his mission and purposes in the world. It is evident that whenever God needed to accomplish great things in His mission plans, he used the family. Examples abound in scripture to support this assertion. First and foremost God raised the first family in Genesis to further His Kingdom. After creating man, God Himself in His wisdom said “it is not good for man to be alone, I will make him a helpmate suitable for him” Genesis 2:18. After creation, God gave the couple the mandate to till the ground and cause increase and fill the earth. He did this by giving them the dominion or an ability to exercise God's power and dominion in the world on His behalf.

Within the salvific history, God did not give up on man after the fall. He still continued to engage the family because His heritage depended a great deal on man. He continually intervened in His salvation history through Noah and his family, the calling of Abraham and finally in the New Testament Joseph and Mary became the family through which humanity attains final redemption through the birth of Jesus Christ. From the foregoing, it is apparent that family is at the heart of God's agenda for the world. It is the only institution given the mandate to sustain God's heritage in creation.

It is very important therefore to discover the purpose of family in meeting God's purposes of mission in every context. In our reading today, we explore the example of a Godly couple named Aquila and Priscilla. Paul's encounter with this family changed and transformed his ministry in a profound way. First and foremost Aquila and Priscilla become Paul's benefactors. They welcomed him into their family and become one of the great pillars of Paul's ministry. Priscilla and Aquila hosted a house church in their home. It is interesting to note how thy used their resources to establish and support Paul's ministry. “Aquila and Priscilla, together with the Church in their home greet you warmly in the Lord” 1 Cor 16: 19. Their first encounter with Paul in Acts 18 developed into a partnership that helped to establish the Church in Asia. We observe the following traits for Aquila and Priscilla as a family who helped to carry on the Kingdom heritage:-

1. Aquila and Priscilla were committed to the ministry of Paul to the extent that they risked their lives for Paul [Rom 16:4]. The Church is in dire need of committed families that can carry on the Kingdom heritage.
2. They opened their home as a centre of hospitality.
3. Aquila and Priscilla walked hand in hand in their ministry. They are always mentioned together in  scripture. God is in the business of raising godly families in order to carry on His heritage through the children. “Children are a heritage from the Lord”. God in His divine favour entrusts His heritage to the family through a man and a wife in a Godly marriage. In conclusion, the church will need to situate the ministry to the family at the centre of its programs in order to nurture God's heritage in keeping with his eternal plan.

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