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God has indeed allotted us a pleasant inheritance, yet he places conditions that govern the access and actualization of this inheritance. It is therefore possible that we can have an inheritance that we are unable to access. Our failure to identify, engage and master these conditions translates to obstacles which hinder our process of occupying and expanding our inheritance. We shall go through these obstacles one by one.

Firstly, we have fear. Fear paralyzes us and makes us lose perspective. We then take our eyes off of God and place them on the object of our fear. This magnifies the object and costs us our confidence in God. We are reduced to the dictates of the object of our fear. When David visited his brothers in the battlefront, he found that the entire army of Israel was fixated on Goliath, and were paralyzed by their fear of him, to the extent that no one was willing to face him and fight him. God expects that we would put our trust and confidence in him, and let him have all our fears so that he can be the only one who is magnified in our lives.

Secondly, is a wrong mindset. The children of Israel thought no one could face up to Goliath and fight him, let alone defeat and kill him. Because of this mentality, their action and impact was limited. God will always limit our impact to our mentality. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. We can never rise above the level of our thinking. We must therefore shun negative and evil thinking. We must embrace God's thoughts and inculcate into ourselves the mind of Christ.

Thirdly, jealousy from others. David's brothers were so jealous of him that they became hostile and paranoid, asking him irrelevant questions and making all sorts of baseless accusations against him. When God's favour is upon us, we are bound to succeed. Big time. This attracts both acclamation and accusation. The accusation is born of jealousy which draws from an insecure heart. We must therefore learn not to blame ourselves for other peoples shortcomings, but learn to gently correct and help them find God in their deficiencies.

Fourthly, opposition. When we prepare to advance, we must also necessarily prepare for opposition, because it will come. David was opposed by his brothers in particular and the army in general. King Saul flatly told him he lacked the capacity to engage in this battle. He was put down, scorned and ridiculed. His brothers misunderstood him and took him for a conceited idler, and told him as much in not so many words! Advancement attracts opposition, and our choice to advance must take into consideration the ensuing opposition. We must develop the capacity to resist opposition and learn from it, then surmount it and use it as a stepping stone to the next level

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