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Last week we established that dominion is our God given responsibility to exercise power and control over all creation. We also observed that dominion can take a positive or negative character depending on who exercises it. We took note of the fact that God desires that we exercise positive dominion, based on his attributes and demands, so that His interests can be advanced. In this regard, God made man in his own image and likeness, after which he gave him dominion over all the spheres of life.

Last week we discovered that God made man in his shadow, so that he can become his representative on earth. A shadow obtains it's life from the main object. God intended that he would remain the main object, while we would be his shadow, drawing our life from him. He would be our Source, which is what the word "father" actually means. Man was designed to stay connected to God in order for him to exercise godly dominion effectively represent God on earth. When man cut himself off from God, he lost dominion, and could not exercise it; he began to be dominated by his environment.

Today we look at how to engage this dominion. In the Exodus passage, the Israelites panicked when they saw the Red Sea in front of them and Pharaoh and his army behind them. They perceived that they were trapped! Yet God through Moses told them two things; firstly they must stay focused on God and not on their challenges. Secondly they must choose to trust God, that he is able to deliver them. This will help them replace fear with faith, resulting in them being able to stand firm and enter rest.

In the Romans passage, we learn that we must operate from a place of freedom and not condemnation.
Secondly, we must live according to the Spirit, and not according to the flesh. The Spirit and the flesh are two contrasting and parallel spiritual regimes each with its own dictates, and we must choose one.  
Thirdly, those who live according to the Spirit must choose to set their minds on the things of the Spirit. This sets us apart from those that live according to the flesh.  
Fourthly, we must be led by the Spirit. This is what makes us sons of God, which means we carry his nature, character and word. Fifthly, we refuse to be slaves to fear, but choose to embrace the Father heart of God which liberates and teaches us to operate in boldness.  

Lastly, we allow God to launch us out so that we can manifest in godliness. In so doing we reverse the corruption and bondage that creation is subjected to by those that wield negative dominion.

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