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To occupy is to take residence in a place that is designated. It is to possess that which is legitimately ours. This makes several assumptions of us; firstly, that we know what this destiny looks like and we can therefore tell it apart from that which is fake and illegitimate. Secondly, that we have the stature to press in and take possession of that destiny. Thirdly, that we have the discipline and maturity to maintain, develop, defend and prosper that destiny.
God equips us firstly by developing our capacity to recognize our destiny. This becomes the radar that helps us to discern when we have arrived. Secondly, God puts in us the character for our destiny. He puts in us faith, then he adds virtue to it. He then layers knowledge on top of virtue, then self-control on top of knowledge. On top of self-control, God adds steadfastness, and then he puts godliness on top of steadfastness, and brotherly affection on top of godliness. Lastly, God puts love on top of brotherly affection. These qualities are designed to keep increasing in us, so that we can possess the character to occupy our destiny effectively.
God then equips us by building our capacity to fight and win his battles. He gives us courage to face formidable enemies without shrinking back. He strengthens my hands to fight without getting tired or weak. He fortifies me with godly character so that my enemies do not besmirch my name and His name by extension. He makes me fleet-footed and swift so that I can overtake and overcome the enemy. God shields me from harm and delivers me from evil. He delivers my enemies into my hands and guarantees my victory.
Once this equipping process is underway, God takes us on the journey of destiny. In this journey, only we can sabotage ourselves and circumvent our destiny. We can do this through disobedience; this is willfully refusing to obey God's instructions.
Secondly, we can distrust Him. This will make us lean on our own understanding and refuse to do things God's way. Thirdly, we can choose to worship idols, and this will attract God's wrath. The only way is for us to put our hands in His, trust and obey Him every step of the journey. Then and only then will we arrive safely and settle permanently in our godly destiny.

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Lavington United Church was founded in 1960 through a joint effort of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), Methodist Church of Kenya (MCK) and the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) as a community church to minister to the Lavington community. <<Read full History>>

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