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A mindset denotes the manner in which thoughts are arranged in a place. It determines the  character of the mind, which in turn determines our behaviour. In essence, a mindset is everything, as the scripture says, "as a man thinks in his heart, so is he". Mindsets come from experiences, interactions and information that, over a period of time, collect themselves into attitudes, convictions and beliefs that take over the driving seat of our lives. Mindsets are also called mentality. Unless interrogated, these mindsets, positive or negative, or both, will continue to reign unchallenged, producing certain outcomes, desirable or undesirable.

Our comfort zone is often a huge blind fold that blocks out interrogation process. In today's passage, the children of Israel select twelve of their best, who are tasked to go and spy Canaan, their possession. They go, spy and return, ten of them with a bad report, two of them with a good report. What made the difference between the ten and the two? Why the impotence at the hour of destiny?

Let's take a look at the mindset journey of the Israelites. They were raised in Egypt, where idolatry reigned, but they were taught the faith of their fathers. The God of their father's was relayed to them as all powerful and almighty, yet they remained in slavery to a nation that worshipped idols. They built Egypt, saw the beauty, splendor and riches of it, yet they remained in slavery. This planted serious doubt in their mindset with regard to the God of their fathers. Then a runaway Prince appeared and said he was sent by the God of their fathers, who had remembered them after a long time. This they took with a pinch of salt but were eventually convinced into Many years of slavery had stripped them of dignity and active faith, so that, even though they had faith at head and confession level, their hearts and convictions remained sympathetic to the idols of Egypt. They even settled into believing that they could only be happy in Egypt.

This mindset undermined their journey on so many occasions that even when they saw God at work doing mighty miracles, they doubt him the next moment, and sin the next moment. They saw themselves as grasshoppers, and they believed others saw them as such

How then do we go about curing an ungodly mindset? Firstly, we have to identify and expose them Gor what they are. Secondly, we must repent of them. In doing this we agree with God that we are wrong, and we embrace his way. Thirdly, we must go back to the places where we developed these mindsets, and pull them down. These may be unhealed places of damage in our journey which have never been revisited and interrogated. Fourthly, we must ask God to heal us and make us whole. Lastly, we must inculcate new thinking based on God's, nature, character and word.

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