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Rebellion is opposition to one in legitimate authority. It is open resistance to an established government. It is also defined as organized defiance of a system, person, authority or government. Rebellion is such a serious matter before God that he takes a firm and decisive position and action against it, in all its forms. Everywhere rebellion rears its ugly head, God stamps it out with such ferocity that we have to pay attention to his attitude towards it. At the core of rebellion lies several elements.

Firstly, is witchcraft: This is the craft of working things out without the help of God, but using the help of demons. Witchcraft takes God's authority for granted, attempts to circumvent it and create a spiritual system that is in total opposition and defiance to him.

The second element of rebellion is jealousy: People, envious of leaders and leadership, are unwilling to wait their turn or go the right way to obtain leadership. They therefore stir up trouble and cause strife in order to have their way. The third element of rebellion is pride: This is the total absence of submissions. It is when we think that our own  nderstanding, and our own way is better than God's way. We elevate ourselves against and above the knowledge of God.
The fourth element of rebellion is false accusations: People who are rebellious tend to warp and twist things in order to portray a certain picture. This causes confusion and strife, and besmirches the person in authority. God hates rebellion, and will always be at war with it. There are several ways we can overcome rebellion.

Firstly, we must learn to yield to God's ways regardless of how strongly we feel about something. Learning to yield enables us to walk in the centre of God's will.

Secondly, we must allow for God to teach us his way. This enables us to be sensitive to his leading and

Thirdly, we must learn to accept, support and pray for those who lead us, regardless of whether we like or agree with them. Leadership is God-given and undermining God- given leadership amounts to undermining God's authority.
Lastly, we must learn to be truthful. This will help us to not be agents of confusion, fear and strife. This makes the work of leaders very difficult - Heb 13: 17 “Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.”

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