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Last Sunday, in our adventure series this month, we learned how to develop the right posturein order to hear God's voice. In continuity with the theme of last Sunday, we move on tounderstand what it means to listen to God's voice.

However, we must appreciate that hearing God's voice can only be understood from ananthropomorphic point of view, which means God chooses to speak to us in ways and meansthat are familiar to us. Through scripture God has been revealed to speak his will and purposethrough the prophets, angels, dreams and visions. In his communication, especially throughHis prophets God speaks through the Holy Spirit. God requires certain dispositions from usin order to speak to us. One, God speaks to us when our will is totally surrendered to him.

Like Cornelius, who was totally abandoned to serve God, we are called upon to live faithfullives to allow God speak to us. [Acts 10:1ft]. Secondly, God requires obedience and patiencein order to hear him clearly speak to us. God also speaks to us through prayer. Prayer is a signof surrender and willingness to seek God's will.

Hearing God's voice puts a demand on us because it is accompanied by certainconsequences. The following is worth consideration:-

1. God's voice communicates His will and purpose. Sometimes God's will stands inopposition to our Human will. Balak wanted Balaam to curse God's people Israel for postingthreat to the Nation of Moab. God was opposed to this “you shall not curse the people for theyare blessed”. Numbers 22: 12.

2. Knowing the will of God is not enough, though Balaam understood God's will through theangel of the Lord, he was not keen to keep it. Instead he choose to seek further clarity. God'swill has no contradiction – Numbers 22:19. Though God allowed him to go, still it was nothis perfect will.

3. Our will and passion can be mistaken for God's will. Balaam was a diviner who made hisearnings through divination. Though he appeared to heed to God's voice, he was still willingto trust God's will into his own purposes. Even his own donkey opposed him.

4. God's voice puts a demand for obedience. Balaam openly disobeyed the first direction thathe should not curse God's people. The sacrifice of obedience is pleasing to God

5. God's voice speaks His purposes for our lives and our Christian calling.

In conclusion, the purpose of listening to God's voice is to grasp and understand God'sdirection. God's voice is conclusive in all that we seek to understand and men had seen thevision, immediately “we sought to go on into Macedonia, concluding that God has called usto preach the Gospel to them”. We will never be in the right place serving the right people, inthe right time until God's voice is clear to us. May God help us to devote ourselves tolistening to God through the postures of obedience, patience and prayer.


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