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Moses was out shepherding his sheep. It was a normal sunny, happy day. Suddenly…… a spectacle!The bush starts burning, but does not get burned up. He looks, stares and wonders, then he decides todraw close to interrogate further. This is when God gets a hold of him.We pick a few lessons from this passage with regard to hearing God's voice.

Firstly, we have to be perceptive and pay attention to our surroundings. This means that God canchoose any form to speak to us, and we must be ready and observant.

Secondly, we must have spiritual sensitivity to know it is Him we are dealing with. Moses had thesensitivity to interact with the Lord in a very peculiar method.

Thirdly, we must learn to obey and not to contend with God. Moses was rather reluctant to be sent byGod. This means he still valued his opinion more than God's instructions. God must bring us to a pointof surrender and we must let go to Him so that he can use us.

Fourthly, God backs us up with his power, presence and divine resources. He reassures, Moses that Hewill accompany him back to Egypt and deliver the Israelites using him. This helps us deal with fear,which is a major impediment to hearing God's voice.

Fifthly, in hearing God's voice, we learn that he is a God with a clear identity and a name. This is aconsistent phenomenon throughout God's revelation encounters with man. God always identifieshimself and clarifies who he is.

Sixthly in listening to God, we must understand that he is the God of clear purpose. He gives clearinstructions and unambiguous commands. God never leaves us in confusion.

Cornelius and Peter inform the next part of our discourse. Cornelius has a vision and an Angel fromGod appears to him bearing very clear instructions from God. In this encounter, we learn that hearingGod can be strange, yet accurate. Cornelius had never met Peter, never knew anyone like Peterexisted. So it would have been easy for him, by way of logic to dismiss what he heard ashallucinations. Yet he did not, he obeyed instead. This is one aspect of hearing God's voice we mustalways remember; God may ask us to do strange things, but we must obey because He knows what heis doing.

Peter sits on top of the roof and has a vision. He sees a large sheet bearing all kinds of animals beinglowered to him from heaven and he is commanded by God to arise, kill and eat. This totally revileshim, but God insists, and uses the opportunity to teach him a lesson. God can upset our theology inorder to communicate a new dispensation to us.We must not be stuck in theological stations that impede out progress, instead we should be ready forGod to upset our theological status quo.


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