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Last month we explored the whole subject of Covenant identity and authority. This month's theme 'Understanding God's calling' is a continuation; one in respect to God's dealings with his people to accomplish the promises of his covenant. Secondly the authority of the covenant is still evident in God's calling of his people giving them the power to overcome structures and principalities opposed to His divine plan.

Moses is the major character in our exposition on the 'Understanding of God's calling' to deliver God's divine purpose and promise of his people.

First as foremost, we must ask the question, 'who are called'? This is because God does not just call anybody! There must be a relationship between God and the people He calls. God reminds Moses that ‘He is the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob’, God does not work in a vacuum, for Moses he identified himself as 'His Father'. This underscored the
importance of covenant identity. God does not work with 'strangers' there must be an established relationship. The Gospel of John reiterates this truth by declaring that “but as many as received him, he gave the power to become sons and God [John 1: 12-13].

Understanding God's call is also the work of God's grace. The call of God is accompanied by mystery. We cannot fully understand the calling of God apart from His Grace. The call of God is a mystery. Meaning there is what we can see visibly but the deeper meaning is hidden. For Moses God appeared through the seemingly burning bush. God spoke from the burning bush and made himself known to him.

The understanding of God's calling for us must be accompanied by obedience to his voice. The voice of God must be distinct enough to be heard. Jesus reiterates this scripture principle by saying 'my sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me'. God appeared to Moses in person because
he was not a stranger, he was known to Him. God's call is also accompanied by God's presence. God equips those he calls to face the challenges that accompany the calling. God makes this assurance to Moses that 'I will be with you'. It is tragic to attempt to do anything in God's name without His presence. God never called us just to be religiously involved in activities that are associated with Him. God must be present in what we do. Further God provides the sign of His presence and walk with us. He made a promise to Moses that 'you shall serve
God on this mountain'. [Exodus 3:12b].

Lastly, perhaps one would ask, how do I identify God's calling in my life as a believer. There are generally two levels of God's calling in our lives as believers. First, all believers in Jesus Christ are called of God. 1 Peter 2:9 'But you are chosen race ……. that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you'. This is the cooporate calling of God's people, the Church.
Secondly, every believer has received a gift of God through the Holy Spirit' 1Peter 4:10. As we journey in faith, take time to listen and hear God's call even your life. It will be the greatest blessing that you will ever discover for yourself, in your spiritual and earthly journey. Amen


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