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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Praise be to the MOST HIGH GOD! last night the Christmas night welcomed the year with jubilation and great expectations for the year 2017. Indeed, we are also most grateful to God for all his glories and mercies, for His love endures forever.

The beginning of every year is a time of reflection of the past and also a time of refocusing our aspiration and hopes going into the future. Of course life is a journey and it does not stop in order to begin again. God is from eternal to eternal. The seasons of the year are only marks of  remembrance to remind us that indeed life is a journey. As believers, we have the opportunity not only to celebrate but also to acknowledge the God of our journey.

As pointed out above, the new year day is a time of reflection on how the Lord has journeyed with us, through the victories and even challenges as well..
1st Samuel 6, we learn that the nation of Israel suffered defeat through the removal of the Ark of the Covenant from their midst. This was a time of helplessness and defeat.However, in chapter 7 God restored the Ark of the Covenant back, and Samuel celebrated this by ERECTING a stone and said, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” This indeed is also our testimony, that despite the enormous challenges of last year, still God has helped us and 2017 heralds ‘Ebenezer’ in our lives! We have witnessed the spirit of INCREASE and ABOUNDING IN LOVE as reflected in our 2016 theme.

After much prayer and reflection, the Lord has led us into the theme ‘Break Camp - Advance! Derived from Deuteronomy 1:6-7. The church of Israel took TOO long to arrive to the land of promise. They had camped around MT. HOREB      for too long. God had to remind them that they were children of DESTINY. God never falters in His promises. He calls us to venture into the journey to our destiny in faith.

We declare 2017 to be the year of DESTINY. We must resolve whatever has held us back as a congregation and individuals. We must overcome doubts and fear, and dare to trust the God of covenant because He is faithful to his name.
May you break camp and advance to your God-ordained purpose and destiny. May the year 2017 be the year of great advance. Let nothing hinder you... break camp...advance.

In the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit.

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