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The Covenant Community refers to the household of God. This is a family sired by His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. It is chosen, called and set a part for Him to do as He pleases with. They are often referred to as the elect of God or, as Peter calls them “…a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellences of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” (1Peter 2: 9)

The Covenant Community is God's idea. He created them, and then He produced them through a process of regeneration after sin had interfered with them. Once He produced them He cares for them and ensures He supplies them so that they are properly sustained. Then He delivers them to their destination through His grace.

This picture fits perfectly into the scenario of the children of Israel. God begets them through a long lineage of ancestors, and then redeems them from slavery in Egypt, straight into the desert. Once in the desert he begins to deal with the things that cause the people of God to stagnate namely:-
1.  Idolatry: - Egypt was a land of counterfeit worship through idolatry. This made Israel defile themselves
     with things of darkness and become detestable before God.
2.  Sexual Immorality:- Idolatry was always accompanied by sex orgies and a lifestyle governed by sexual
     lust, which God really hates.
3.  Violence through human sacrifice:- Idolatry required that they should sacrifice their children to the
     fire to idols (Molech). This destroyed the purposes of God for the next generation, especially
     firstborns who are God's property (Exodus 13)
4.  Stubbornness:- This is hard heartedness caused by a tendency to be independent from God. Man
     chose to rely on his own understanding instead of trusting in the Lord.
5.  Rebellion:- This is outright disobedience to Gods commands.  It is when we are diametrically opposed
     to what God wants so we resist things and go the opposite way.
6.  Grumbling:- This is when Gods' people are dissatisfied with what God has established and provided,
     and consequently speak out against it in a bid to create disaffection and incite rebellion towards God.
     God hates murmuring because it is rooted in a deficit syndrome drawn out of an ungrateful and
     unfulfilled heart.

The children of Israel had all these issues and God had to deal with all of them in the desert before they could enter into their inheritance. Before we can break camp, we must allow God to deal with all these issues in our lives. We must let Him into the place of pain and deficiency.
May God walk with us in all these issues and advance us, even us He sustains us with His grace.



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