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As leaders of lavington united church take leadership of services today, let us reflect on topic given for this Sunday, “understanding healing” Healing is probably one of the most commonly requested benefits of God by His People. In moments of sickness or when stricken by challenges, people cry out for the Lord's intervention of the invasion and intrusion in their life. However, the Healing of God is probably one of the least understood details of His Plan for His People.

Healing is not a quick-fix by God that is designed as medication for a dying people. It actually has very little to do with your physical body and everything to do with one's spiritual condition. Modern medicine has many remedies for the ailments of life. There are well-educated and professionally-trained physicians who can diagnose an illness with the authority to prescribe the recommended treatment. There are many over-the-counter options for those who choose to treat their own condition. However, when all else fails we call on God for His Intervention.

Knowledge of God through Jesus Christ is essential to claim the healing benefits of His Kingdom. Jesus Christ was pierced for our rebellion. He was crushed for our sin. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed. Healing is revealed in the Word of God. The Power of God is hidden in His Word for discovery by His People. It is not enough to listen to His Word. God encourages people to allow His Word to penetrate the heart. It is the Source of Life. It is healing for the whole body beginning in the heart moving through the mind and manifesting in the body. It is a well spring for life
that begins with a foundation of faith that requires God's Word to grow.

Trust God for healing today, but do so in faith based on the Knowledge of God. His Perspective of life is much broader than our own. It is not defined by the few years spent on earth seeking God's Love and Forgiveness. If then you are going through dark places and difficult times, I challenge you to think about the fact that God wants to meet all of your needs in every area of your life be it your heart or your physical body, and commit that to him in prayer. Tell Him, "Lord, I need your healing," and let Him heal you. This requires fulfillment of healing in your life. Expand your understanding of the Healing Hand of God today! Depend on the Lord with your entire life – body, mind and spirit.


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