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This is already a very exciting month especially in regard to the grace of prayer and healing that God is releasing among us. It is Revival Week and we have continuously witnessed the doing of the Lord among us. The Sanctuary has been hosting extra-ordinary numbers of people every day from Monday in response to the love of God which has compelled us to share our faith in public witness of what God has done in our lives.

Last Sunday, in our reflections, Jesus openly condemned the wrong motive that drove the Pharisees to public prayer. We concluded that the Lord was not opposed to public prayer as he himself had the discipline of public witness. Prayer was one of his methodology of public ministry. Therefore, today we explore the theme of: THE JOY OF PREVAILING PUBLIC PRAYER.

Prayer in the first place should be a delight. It must be an inner motivation that is NOT dependant on the prevailing circumstance. The scripture exalts us to “delight yourself in the Lord, and He will grant the desires of your heart” Psalm 37: 4. Infact the Good News Translation says “seek your happiness in the Lord and He will give you your heart's desire” Prayers must be a joy and a delight. In 1 Kings 8:23-26 the encounter with Solomon's prayer teaches us profound insights about prayer and especially public prayer. Solomon's prayer was said before the whole assembly of the children of Israel during the dedication of the temple. The following observations about Solomon's prayer qualify our attention as believes.

1. Public prayer should reverence God above everything else. Solomon defied all public and official protocol and expressed his total surrender before God. This was a public display of the Lordship of Yahweh. Our public prayer should never entertain side shows that would welcome anybody to share God's glory.

2. Public prayer must be a declaration. Christian public prayer must be missional to the extent that we should not be ashamed to speak of our identity. Indeed Jesus declares in Luke 12:8 “……… whoever publically acknowledges me before others, the Son of man will also acknowledge before the angels of God”. Solomon declared the sovereignty of God. 1 Kings 8: 23.

3. God makes answers to prayer public when it is accompanied by obedience. I Kings 8: 24. 4. Prayer challenges God's faithfulness to his world. 1 Kings 8:24 5.The certainty of prayer is guaranteed when we become covenant keeping community vs 25. 6. Prayer inspires hope to the community of faith - 1 Kings 8:26. The children of Israel were encouraged to continue with the journey of faith through constant public enactment of God's faithfulness through prayer.

The joy of prevailing public prayer was consistent in the life of the faithful community of Israel. They continuously hoped because God for them was what he declared himself to be “The Lord watches over the righteous and listens to their cries” Psalm 37: 15. It is a joy to know that someone listens to you. This should be your portion that in the midst of the noise around you, your prayer and that of the church done in public will not go unnoticed before God. May your desire be to delight yourself in the Lord through the grace of prevailing prayer.


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