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To re-ignite is to set on fire something whose fire has been snuffed out. It is to light up something whose light has been extinguished. Prayer is a very central part of our spiritual life. With prayer we are strong and spiritually sensitive. With prayer we have revelation and are able to anticipate Satan's attacks, and repulse them. With prayer we are able to take our stand and resist the devil so that he can flee. With prayer we are able to appropriate the power of God to defeat Satan and to nourish our lives. Prayer is therefore our life line, without which we wither and perish spiritually and physically.

The enemies of prayer are as follows:-
1. Laziness:- when we are lazy, we will neglect to pray because prayer is hard work, and a lazy
person dislikes hard work.
2. Procrastination:- This is when we keep postponing prayer until an opportune time, which time
never comes.
3. Hope deferred makes the heart sick [Prov 13: 12]. When things delay and prayer is not answered
for long periods, people get discouraged and begin to believe, wrongly though, that God does not
care about them and is not going to come through for them.
4. Bitterness:- When people go through difficult situations like pain, woundedness, grief and loss,
bereavement, separation, divorce, estrangement and the like, the bitterness that ensues snuffs out
prayer. People tend to carry a very heavy burden that does not allow prayer to prosper.
5. Satanic attacks on our prayer life can snuff out prayer. When we start to pray, we ruffle the
enemy in a very bad way and destabilize his Kingdom. He will fight back.
6. Lack of discipline causes the death of prayer. People start well, but are unable to keep up with
the rigors of prayer because they lack the consistency it requires to be in a prayer regime.
7. Busyness steals prayer away from us. When people get busy, they find that, all of a sudden, they
are struggling for time to pray. The busyness competes against prayer and eventually cannibalizes

How then do we reignite our prayer lives:-
1. We must repent of our prayerlessness. We must recognize that prayerlessness is a sin -
[1 Sam 12: 23] and choose to repent of it.
2. We must set aside a time and a place to pray. This helps us to settle on a routine.
3. We must develop the discipline of prayer by keeping to a consistent regime of prayer. When we
fail, we go right back to it.
4. We must allow the Holy Spirit to fill us and lead us into prayer. Our prayers must be Spirit led.
5. We must ask Jesus to teach us how to pray. We must always retain a learning attitude and refuse
to get proud.
6. We must learn to persevere in prayer, especially when we are under demonic attack. Satan hates
a stubborn intercessor. The enemy would rather we stopped praying the moment he attacks us.
Lastly, we must learn to pray focused and accurate prayers that will drive the enemy out of his
entrenched positions. We cannot afford to pray amiss.


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