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Christian virtues are the definitive contents of every Christian. They are non-negotiable and yield us a very rich harvest of benefits. The only conditions are that we must own these virtues fiercely and deliberately. Secondly, the virtues must be increasing in intensity and volume.

The first benefit of Christian virtues is that they keep us from being ineffective or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christian virtues sharpen us and season us so that we cut deep and fast into the issues of the day. We are never wanting when called upon to think and act in a godly and strategic manner.

Secondly, Christian virtues give us foresight and clarity of vision. We are able to see things up close, but we are also able to see things distant. This enables us to be a church that is prophetically competent to confront the enemy and raise and army of mature believers to fulfill God's purposes. They also remind us of the grace of God that abounds to us while we are yet sinners.

Thirdly, Christian virtues keep us from falling. They make us so sure footed that we are able to confirm our calling and make our election sure. They make us strong and firm about the matters of life, we become solid enough to resist temptation.

Fourthly, Christian virtues are an express super highway to heaven. Of course the understanding is that one must be born again first in order to receive and experience Christian virtues. God will reward us according to what we have done if we persevere and overcome.

Having understood all these benefits, let us now remind ourselves what these Christian virtues are. Firstly we have faith which is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Secondly, we have goodness which refers to excellence of virtue in all matters. Thirdly, we have knowledge which is the acquisition of the right information and encounter with God.

Fourthly we have self-control, which is the ability to temper and tether our desires and appetites.

Fifthly, we have perseverance, which is the ability to hang on inspite of difficulty, in other words, staying power. Sixthly, we have godliness, which is the nature of God transforming us. Seventhly we have brotherly kindness, which is a shared virtue of belonging and friendliness and then lastly, love which covers all of them. With this in mind, we must be fussy about these virtues so that we get them into our lives. This will open up a new journey and experience for us in a very special way.


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