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Godliness is the quality of having the nature of God ingrained I us so that we conform to the
laws and wishes of God.
A godly person is characterized by the attributes of God amplified by the fruit of the Holy
Spirit [Galatians 5: 22-23]. He is further characterized by three things:-

1. The fear of God:- This refers to the quality of honoring and deeply revering God in everything we do. The fear of God restrains us from evil and compels us to righteousness. We do what is right, especially when no one is watching or paying attending to us, purely because of the fear of God in us. The fear of God evokes obedience from us. We do what God expects us to do because we have a fear of God through which we pay obeisance, honour and reverence to Him.

2. The love of God:-This refers to agape love, which is the love that proceeds' from God. It is imputed in us through the enablement of the Holy Spirit [Romans 5:5] When we have the love of God, we have to love everyone, especially those who are difficult. We learn to love those who persecute and hurt us, even those who do it maliciously and perpetually and without apology. We learn to overcome offense, which is Satan's chief agency to ensnare and trap us into bitterness and forgiveness. God's love covers over all sins, and therefore teaches us to overlook people's weaknesses and sins, especially those committed against us.

3. The desire for God: This refers to the intense passion and affection for God that results in the pursuit and focus on God. Because we want Him, we choose to seek him, and because we choose to seek Him, He is revealed to us and then we encounter Him. When we encounter Him, He transforms us by His power and nature and we become godly. Desire for God is therefore the trigger that draws us to God, and draws God to us [James 4: 8].

In order for godliness to be in us, we have to allow God to process us through His processes. This requires surrender and discipline on our part. Once we fall into His hands he keeps refining us to the end that we attain to maturity, which is godliness. Kindness refers to generosity that is showered on us in the form of goodness, mercy grace compassion, pity, love and benevolence. It is a word that combines all the attributes of God's goodness. The Bible talks about God's loving kindness [Psalm 63:4].

Kindness comes from hanging out with God or rather, spending time with God. As we behold Him he shapes us and tenderizes out hearts. We become soft and pliable. God lives in us, and we cannot be harsh and indifferent.

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