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Today's topic is a very practical one, but first, let us look at some preliminary thoughts. Firstly, the poor are in our midst by divine design and not default. God has intended that we should have the needy in our midst to teach us compassion.

Secondly, we must be cognisant of the fact that God champions the cause of the poor, and therefore,
will always take their side on any matter.

Thirdly, we cannot ignore or turn away the poor as someone else's responsibility. Everyone has a
portion of the poor to minister to.

Fourthly, reward and punishment will be meted out by God to people on the basis of their treatment
of the poor. Having made this observation let us now look at some practical matters relating to the

1. We must take pity on the poor [1John 3:17] we cannot afford to be cold and calloused towards the poor. God will judge us harshly for that.

2. We must love in action. [1John 3:18] our concern and compassion for the poor must translate to  godly action. Lip service will not work.

3. We must give to the poor {Deuteronomy 15:7] we are commanded to be generous to the poor and not tightfisted philosophical or evasive. Our attitude must be one that is open handed and freely giving, and not the opposite.

4. We must not be crafty concerning giving to the poor [Deuteronomy15:9]. Some people think that free giving to the poor is not viable, or even tenable, so they ensure they do not give if they are not assured of a return investment. Some people in Israel thought that giving to the poor was wasteful, and especially towards the seventh year when it was required that all debts be freely cancelled. God demands that we give to the poor unconditionally, all risks notwithstanding. In this regard, it seems that it is better to lose while giving to the poor than to gain while lending to them for profit.

5. God will fight for the poor.[ Deuteronomy 15:9] any appeal made by the poor against the rich is heard and determined in favour of the poor, because God has put obligations on the rich to take care of the poor.

6. We must not begrudge the poor [Deuteronomy 15:10] Our attitude towards the poor must not be resentful and condescending but generous and sympathetic consequently, we must give even when it hurts.

7. The poor are a permanent feature in the land. [Deuteronomy 15:11] The Lord declares that the poor will always be in the land. This is testimony to a God who is sensitive to the realities of life, rather than a God who delights in our misery. God does not condemn us to poverty, rather he draws our attention to the permanent presence of the poor people in the land, and our godly responsibility towards them.

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