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To reward is to recompense, to give a just return and incentive for good work done. Areward is receded by good work, which is in turn preceded by a clear assignment. God has given us a clear task to fulfill, albeit in different ways using different methods and gifts.

There are several elements that define the principle of reward.

Firstly, there is the owner of the work who determines the work to be done.
Secondly is the state of the worker who must do the work.
Thirdly is the quality of the work done by the worker.
Fourthly is the evaluation and assessment done by the owner of the work.
Fifthly, there is the quality of the reward given on the basic of the assessment of the work done.

In our passages today, we find a similar scenario. Workers are encouraged to work with their eyes fixed on Jesus, and not on their earthly Masters. This denotes a healthy spiritual attitude that converts work from an income generating activity regulated by bosses, to a spiritual activity, specifically, ministry to the Lord, that attracts his attention, assessment and eventually, his reward. The wrongdoer is to be paid according to his wrong, and there is no partiality. God will not be exercising favoritism in his reward principle, but will give everyone according to what he has done.

In the parable of the talents, we find several principles of reward.

Firstly, everyone is entrusted with tasks according to their ability to perform.
Secondly, they are entrusted with making profit on the seed given to them.
Thirdly, they are given an equal amount of time and opportunity.
Fourthly, they are evaluated and rewarded accordingly.
Fifthly, the master expects profit even if he doesn't work for it.

This is the factor that got the servant with one talent miffed. The owner of the work will not work, but he will get the profit. He will reap, but not sow, because it is He who gave out seed. Sixthly, to those who don't make proper use of their opportunity, even what they have been given will be taken away and given to those who have made the most of their opportunity. Seventhly, The Lord has no mercy for those who do not work for reward. Not only is the worker with one talent stripped, he is also punished.

From all these, we can conclude that God is keen to reward good work done. He wants work done within the provided time frame. He rewards without prejudice or favour, and he punishes those who do not work so that there is not middle ground. For the Christian, eternal life is the greatest reward. Anything else is secondary. When we enter eternity we shall spend time at Jesus feet, and in His presence; what a reward.



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