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Worship comes from the Hebrew word Shachah which means to pay homage, honour, bow down, to reverence and to pay obeisance and to fully surrender to God. We must develop a heart of worship before we can do the acts of worship. Worship is resident in the heart before it manifests publicly. Abraham had a heart of worship, and we can learn a whole lot from him.

Firstly, he was sensitive to God. When God came calling, he heard his voice and responded to his call. Many people are stone deaf to the Holy Spirit but still expect to worship. We must of essence be assured that when we step into the atmosphere of worship, God will speak and we must develop the skill of hearing. A heart of worship hears God.

Secondly, Abraham was obedient. Early the next morning, he took a knife, the fire, the wood and saddled his donkey. Worship demands obedience and so a heart of worship obeys God. When we come before God we must understand that he speaks for obedience, so we must hear and heed. Thirdly, Abraham prepared for worship. Worship is a serious engagement that requires preparation. We must set aside time to be with God, and then set aside a room and all other necessities to worship. This is a practical aspect to worship. Abraham took the wood, knife, fire, donkeys, servants and the boy, Isaac, then he made the journey of worship.

Fourthly, he separated himself. He says to the servants in Gen 22:5se 5 “stay here with the donkey; I and the boy will go over there, and worship and come again to you”. Worship demands that we separate ourselves from the ordinary and mundane, and focus on the sacred. We must learn to be still before God, both inwardly and outwardly. The time of separation ensures we are intensely focused on God and nothing else.

Fifthly, he rebuilt the altar before he bound his son Isaac and lay him on it. The altar here stands for our hearts. Our hearts must be rebuilt through conviction, confession, repentance, cleansing and brokenness. We must also allow God to fill us and heal us from all our issues.

Sixthly, Abraham had an encounter with God. Worship is divine encounter and interaction with God during which time God transforms us by His loving presence. Without encountering God, the power of worship is muted and deeply compromised. It becomes a dead, empty virtual that callouses out hearts.

Seventhly, Abraham received the blessing of God that touched every facet of his life, and extended to the next generation, that is, His children. Worship, brings God's blessing which opens doors and brings opportunities. Favour becomes our portion and we are made rich with no option of sorrow. In order for us to develop a heart of worship, we must allow God to teach us, break us and mould us. He must infuse us with the Holy Spirit so that everything to do with sin, bondage and wounds are diffused and detoxed. We must allow Him to sprinkle us so that we are cleansed from a guilty conscience, and our bodies washed with holy water. We come to worship Him, on His terms.



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