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Fellowship refers to the state of being rightly related to one another. God has put us in this household by deliberate intent, and this has certain responsibilities and requirements. Firstly, we must be aware of the command of God to love one another as He expects us to. Love is the bond of fellowship. We come into fellowship not just because God has commanded us, but because we love one another. In a fellowship community, we give and receive love.

Secondly, we must e ready to forgive all offenses, and get past them. This point recognizes that in a relationship, things will go wrong from time to time. We are called upon to repair that which has gone wrong. This means we must not maintain offenses, or feed them with malice and hypocrisy, but we must confront those offenses and deal with them so that our relationships can be detoxed and our fellowship can be genuine.

Thirdly, we must be ready to be vulnerable to others. This gives the strongest indicator that fellowship is hard work. It is not easy to open up your life and talk about everything, let alone those things that are shameful and degrading. Yet if we are going to be in fellowship, then vulnerability is a must. Otherwise we end up with a fake engagement which will call fellowship, but which in essence is a farce. Vulnerability is particularly made difficult by the fact that we may have to share things that have brought pain and shame to us. We must always remember that God covers our shame and takes away our pain. He is our glory and lifter of our heads.

Fourthly, we must be ready to protect one another. This means we must keep our secrets secret, and not break confidentiality. We must protect one another's dignity and refuse to gossip about one another.

Fifthly, we must honour one another. This means we must set aside quality time to spend with one another. We must remain committed to one another and not break faith with one another. Loyalty is a must. We must also honour one another by refusing to provoke one another; instead we must respect one another and refuse to envy one another.

Sixthly, we must be sensitive to one another's needs. It must not be that there are people among us with physical or financial needs, yet they are not helped. God has placed enough resources within every community to meet all the needs thereof. It therefore means we must build a bridge between the needy and the resourced. This bridge is called compassion. A compassionate person is sensitive to the needs of others and refuses to be cold, callous and hard.

Lastly, we must speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with thanksgiving. This refers to authentic worship. A fellowship must be a community steeped in authentic worship. Authentic worship frees us to move in the love of God because God fills us with His love as we worship Him. He also frees us from the pain that accompanies offense, So that we are detoxed from bitterness. We are then able to face one another with cleat consciences and pure hearts, and have genuine fellowship driven by healthy godly relationships.



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