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Our love for God must overflow into at least two important Christian activities, namely, proclamation and testimonies. In proclamation, we declare the graces and mercies of God to a wicked and lost generation. We bring light to clatter the darkness. With testimonies, we tell of the many things wonders and love, that God has accomplished for us. Where proclamation is concerned, we learn that there are several considerations:

Firstly, the proclaimed word is the seed that is planted into the hearts of men. With the heart men believe, and they are justified with their months they confess, and they are saved. There must be belief and confession, in order for justification and salvation to be effected.

 Secondly, we must call on the name of the Lord. This means in the day of trouble, we are to cry out to God and He will hear and respond positively to our cause because we are called by His name, we are his property.

Thirdly, sending or commissioning is a very important part of divine design. God intended that His message must be carried by human agency. This is because we cannot believe in whom we have never heart, and we cannot hear without a preacher. The agent that preached the word of God, on proclaims the word of God becoming a very important part of Gods divine design. God, therefore, sends
preachers to proclaim His word.

Fourthly, faith comes by hearing the word of God. Our faith is developed as we sharpen the skill of hearing that includes paying attention, careful study and heeding what God has to say.

Fifthly, we rejoice with God on the salvation of people, even if it is one sinner. Our heart is to seek the lost and to bring them to salvation. We must carry the same burden God carries, that none should perish, but all may be saved and find eternal life.

In as far as testimonies are concerned; we learn that Satan is defeated when we tell of what God has done for us. He has no response to a Christian who knows God and tells of what God has done. Testifying frees is from frat and the attendant paralysis to our faith. It gives us perspective and helps us to keep overcoming and powering through difficulties.


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