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Purpose is the reason for being. The Church is established by God to be a conduit through which His Kingdom is brought on earth, planted, nurtured and prospered. To a large extent the Church performs this mandate successfully. To a certain extent, this purpose remains elusive and mysterious. In order to fully carry out the mandate given to us by God, we must first understand the purpose, and then harness it.

God's purpose for the Church, as stated before, is to establish His Kingdom on earth. In Order to fully establish God's Kingdom on earth, we must harness this purpose by adhering to the things that define and unite us. Those things fall into two categories, namely, what we are and what we do.

In Phillipians 2: 4 – 8, we are provided with the contents of our nature, that is, what we are. We must not be governed by selfish ambition, but we must be other centered. We need to look out for the interests of others. Secondly, we must have an attitude of humility. Like Jesus must not pace unhealthy competition and equality as a priority, but consider others better than ourselves. This will make us more yielded to God and to one another.

Thirdly, we must empty ourselves of all reputation and rights, and take the form of a servant. Out dignity must come not from human prestige and power systems, but from servanthood as defined by God.

Fourthly, we must be completely and instantly obedient to God, even if it kills us. We must not practice delayed obedience, or partial obedience, for all these are abominable and unacceptable. We must obey like a corpse.

The second category of the things that unite and define us in the things we do. In Acts 2: 42- 47, we find a couple of things that the early Church did.
   1.    Firstly, they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching. This established the correct doctrine.
   2.    They prayed, and this increased spiritual intimacy.
   3.    They fellowshipped, and this enhanced community.
  4.    They broke bread, ad this act preserved their relationship with God and one another as they remembered the sacrifices of Jesus.
  5.    They performed Miracles and this bore witness to the name of Jesus and attracted more
  6.    They were generous, giving their possessions sacrificially.
  7.    They were compassionate and hospitable and this attracted people to them. Lastly, they enjoyed the favour of all, which gave great momentum to the gospel.


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