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Submission is the act of placing oneself under the influence and control of another. It is yielding ones rights to another. Submission is the greatest act of Jesus Ministry because he perfected it by his death on the cross. He didn't have to die, but He chose to, in submission to His Father's will.

Several elements become clear as we study today's passages. Firstly, submission is God's will. It is God who placed all things under Jesus' feet. His divine design is that all things operate under the authority of Jesus and hence they must come under Him by design. Secondly, submission is mutual. As we submit to the authority, they also submit to authority over them and they submit to us. Jesus submitted to God, and we submit to Him. We are also commanded to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Thirdly, submission to authority is required, because authority is conferred by God. Jesus noted that HE did not speak on His own authority, but the authority of the Father. To disregard Jesus therefore is to disregard the authority of God who sent Him. We must conceive godly authority as originating from God, and therefore requiring the right response to be accorded to it.

Having said this, how are we to develop submission? Firstly, we must be wise. Wisdom is acquired form God; it is downloaded on us as we wait on him.

Secondly, we must be prudent in the way we engage opportunities. We must understand that God gives opportunity as He sees fit, and for a purpose and a season.

Thirdly, we must always be discerning so we can know what God's will is in every situation. God's Will always take us to the next spiritual level and put us on a point of elevation where we can see everything for what it is, and master it.

Fourthly, we must not allow ourselves to be controlled by our lusts and fleshly desires. Jesus said, “The Spirit gives life, the flesh profits nothing. The words  I give you are spirit and life”. So we must not be controlled by addictions, desires and substances. We must submit our flesh to God.

Fifthly, we must inculcate authentic and vibrant and spiritual worship. The Holy Spirit must infuse our worship so that we have a transformative encounter with God in worship.
Lastly, we must have a thankful spirit. A thankful heart always deflates oppression and attracts victory. Satan hates thanksgiving because it does not give him the time of day to build his strongholds and oppress us through our weaknesses.

We must remember to forgive all offenses because this helps us detox relationships hence making submission to one another that much easier.

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