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A prophet is one who sees and hears from God then relays the message to the people. The message of  he prophet bubbles forth from God, and so he is invariably referred to as one who sees, or one who bubbles forth. Today we pounder on several qualities of Jesus as the prophet to the world. In the first reading, (Deuteronomy 18:14-20) identify quite a few.

Firstly, he was to be a prophet like Moses. This means he is to deliver God's people from evil and bondage. Like Moses, he would be endued with power from on high, and will do the works of God that would be miraculous in nature. This would break Satan's hold on God's people.

Secondly, it is God who is to raise Him. This means right from conception, He would be a man of God with the destiny of God upon His heart and the mark of God upon Him. The Spirit of God would begin to stir Him from the time He was in the womb to the end of His life. Thirdly, He was to be from among His brothers. This means He was their own flesh and blood, shared their culture and lifestyle, ate their food and played with them. God is incarnational in nature. He works from the inside out, and from the known to the unknown. Fourthly, we are to listen to Him. As a prophet of God, He bears true witness to God and hears from God. He relays reliable messages and is approved of God. His credentials are godly, and
His nature is godly and therefore we must obey what He says. God has promised to put His words in Jesus mouth, so that we hear and obey.

Fifthly, anyone who does not listen to Jesus, God will punish. This is a very frightening aspect of the prophetic. In life we are used to ignoring people and getting away with it. In this case, it will not happen. God promises to hold us responsible for dishonoring His word through Jesus the prophet.

Sixthly, everything Jesus will say will come to pass. This is the test of true prophecy. Every prophet that says something and it comes to pass that is an authentic prophet. However when a prophet says things, and they don't come to pass he is a false prophet and there is a consequence to being a false prophet. The false prophet will die, and he will have no honour among the people.

Seventhly, when Jesus preformed the miracle [Luke 7:11-17] and raised the son of the widow from the dead, he was acknowledged as one who was the prophet, raised by God and great in the land. There was no other argument in the minds of the people. It was Jesus and no other. It is still Jesus, and no other.

Like the people, we need to acknowledge Jess for who he is the prophet, sent by God.


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