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1. Restoration: God will restore our fortunes and bring us to a place of prosperity again. Prosperity happens when God turns things around for our good and commands favour in our direction.

2. The Lord has done great things for us:
This benefit assures us that God is always on our side, and will always do good things for us. His power transcends evil, and his heart is always committed to us. He will always work toward our benefit.

3. A Giving Community: In Exodus 36, the people are invited to give to the work of building God a sanctuary. They gladly brought their gifts, and surpassed the target by far. For the first time the builders and leaders complained that the people were giving too much to the work. This is a good sign of a healthy church. Many churches struggle with constructing a sanctuary to the Lord. This is because people become sensitive to anything that involves their money and therefore give reluctantly. This must not be. We must give joyfully because it is God who provides our resources, and the health and strength for labour.

4. Devotion to the Apostles Teachings: This means that we must bear fidelity do right and orthodox doctrine and practice, at all times. Our commitment and loyalty to do right practice must never be in question. Everything we do must be informed by the word of God.

5. Devotion to the Fellowship: Fellowship refers to the ability to belong to the church in a meaningful way. It refers to the ability to bond with a group of people, and to be cared for. It is mutuality in community. This ensures that no one is unaccounted for or left out in the cold.

6. Devotion to the breaking of bread: Holy Communion is a very important rife. It helps us to remember the sacrifice of Jesus for us, while bringing us into mystic common union and bonding with Him. This is a sign of intimacy with God. This breaking of bread is also a sign of the fraternity that we share in the body of Christ.

 7. Devotion to Prayer: A healthy Church must of necessity be a praying church. This is a place where the culture of continuous and meaningful prayer is inculcated. The leaders show the way, walk the way and stay the course. The membership walks the way and stay the course. Prayer must be done.

 8. Filled with the Holy Spirit: Jesus Breathed on His disciples and they got filled with the Holy Spirit. A healthy Church must be spirit filled and spirit led. It must be a church characterized by the current move of the Holy Spirit, and where there is no hindrance to the work of the Holy Spirit.

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