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Ref. NUMBERS 27.1-11
We welcome you our dear members of the church to this last Sunday of the ladies’ month at Lavington United church. On behalf of all ladies, we remind you of God’s special love to you. In psalms 91, God’s care and protection is likened to how a mother hen cares for her chicks from all types of enemies. God’s love for us is actually more than that of a mother hen.

Mark 16:1-8, John 12:1-8
We continue to thank God for the privilege of being ministered to by the Women Fellowship in this month of September.

Ref: Judges 4
We greet you our dear Christians in Jesus name. We believe that God has continued taking care of you and hiding you in His wings.

Text: 1Timothy 4:1-16
Receive warm greetings from the Pastoral team, we are truly grateful to the Lord for His mercies upon us as a church during this season of Covid-19.

Character: Dorcas
Text: Acts 9:36-43
Receive our warm greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ. It is a great joy for us as the pastoral team to continue ministering to you during this season.

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