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Offense is a game changer in our spiritual journey. It determines whether we have a healthy journey or a toxic one. Offense management is one of the indicators of maturity of a Christian. When offended, we are faced with two difficult choices, to retain or to release. When we retain, we put ourselves in a difficult position.

Christ is Risen!! He is risen indeed hallelujah!! This will be the resounding call and response throughout Christendom today and this season. In Luke 24: 1 – 12, we observe certain factors for our journey of faith.

We continue with our monthly theme the more excellent ways. God has designed us with purpose. We are called individually to serve God in different ways. And we are called as a body of believers to function in a certain way so as to complete the work that God, through Christ, began on this earth.

From the texts today Joseph in his wounded love, had to avoid bitterness and learned how to forgive. He had been repeatedly hurt, but he didn't develop a trace of bitterness. His own brothers had planned to kill him, but sold him into slavery at the last moment.

The weight of evidence not only makes it possible to believe in God's existence???it makes it very hard to ignore our own.

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