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Welcome to LUC open day courtesy of the Discipleship Pillar. This year’s theme “Connect, Share and Grow” correctly underscores the core values and principles of Discipleship. The Lord Jesus prior to His ascension charged His disciples with the message to go and make disciples of all Nations.

To approve something is to declare it valid and authentic. It is to say that the thing in question meets the standards set and satisfies the requirements established for excellence. Today we focus on what it is that makes our faith valid and authentic. What qualities does God look for in us to make us those that He validates and is happy with as far as faith is concerned.

According to Hebrews 11:6 it is impossible to please God without faith. If complete trust or confidence in someone or something is the correct and simplest definition of faith which I believe it is, then the Christian faith is a journey full of tests.

Offense is a game changer in our spiritual journey. It determines whether we have a healthy journey or a toxic one. Offense management is one of the indicators of maturity of a Christian. When offended, we are faced with two difficult choices, to retain or to release. When we retain, we put ourselves in a difficult position.

Christ is Risen!! He is risen indeed hallelujah!! This will be the resounding call and response throughout Christendom today and this season. In Luke 24: 1 – 12, we observe certain factors for our journey of faith.

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